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Announcing our latest payment system, Select Pi!
Easy, Automated, Unattended
Improve Golfer Engagement, Margins, and Productivity
  • Mobile App for Golfer self-registration; eliminate cards and e-keys
  • Up to 4 bucket size options at the dispenser
  • Additional lesson and warm-up bucket sizes available only at the proshop
  • Accepts Apple/Samsung pay and chip credit cards
  • Recharge Golfer accounts with credit card payments at the dispenser
  • Variable time-based pricing for buckets
  • Access real time data, generate and export reports
  • Set daily limits for golfers on the number of buckets and time between buckets
  • Scan and go. Mobile and paper QR codes for contactless operation
  • Multi facility and Point of Sale Integration
  • Compatible with outdoor-all weather use
At the PRO Shop

Select Pi includes an online app for golfer self registration, payment processing, all designed to lower your costs and drive increased customer engagement.

Link Current Accounts
If a golfer already has an account at the range, they can link to that account by entering the same email from the range account into their mobile app.

Payment Flexibility
Golfers have the choice of using mobile pay, credit cards, QR codes, member cards, and more at the machine.

Mobile App
Golfers can reload their account from their phone right at the dispenser.

At the Range

Increase Sales

  • Accept more payment methods
  • Player accounts = influx of cash
  • Easier secondary/impulse buckets
  • Higher average transaction value
  • Tie into your POS system

Improve Golfer Engagement

  • Contactless payments
  • Self-registration through the app means a more accurate customer database
  • Real time promotions to players database

Improve Margins & Productivity

  • Unattended transactions
  • Never keys/cards to purchase
  • Eliminates tokens
  • Free up cashier to focus on sales

Limit Warm-Up Buckets availability to tee-time check-in only

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