Select Pi is a simple way
to automate your driving range…

…and drive
sales UP.

It all begins with
the golf ball

100% Automation
gives customers control
of the buckets they buy.


Customers swipe & scan to pay


Buckets filled assistance-free


No cards, keys, or tokens needed

The Select Pi app is
all your customers

The simple scan-&-go
interface lets golfers:

BUY their
own balls!

CHOOSE their
bucket sizes!

SELECT from a
variety of
payment options!

TRACK their
account credit!

LOAD money
into their

their own info for
a more accurate
customer database!

Most importantly…

Select Pi gives
your bottom line a big boost.

(and your employees a big break)

…and relax.

With Select Pi, your driving range practically runs itself. Day and night.
Freeing you & your staff to focus on the bigger picture.

Plus, the software is a snap.

  • Seamlessly work with most POS systems
  • Access real-time customer data
  • Generate export EOD reporting
  • Process payments effortlessly
  • Manage pin range QR codes


Ready to select Select Pi?

Contact us to schedule a demo!

“[Select Pi] paid for itself in the
first three months of use.”
Rob Young, Abacoa Golf Club

“It frees up the rest of the staff
to take care of the golf shop.”
Doug Davis, Miles Of Golf

“365 days a year...even when I’m
not there, we’re still making money.”
Jeff Ellis, Cool Springs Sports Complex

These are just some of the more than 250
global locations Select Pi is installed

Installation Highlights