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Select Pi: Pro Shop Administration Overview

Administrator is the back-end component of Select Pi. Select Administrator is used to configure pricing, happy hour management, reports and statistical information.

  • Customer database management
  • Setup time based pricing.
  • Lookup customer usage history
  • Manage your business easily with beautiful reports, dashboards, and customer history
  • Manage employee logins
  • Export member database.
  • Offer real time promotions
Select Pi: For Cashiers
Cashiers use this tool in the Pro Shop to help golfers with single bucket purchases and member account management of the golfer's mobile app based accounts.
Each transaction is cataloged for end of day reconciliation.
  • Easily manage pin and range QR codes
  • Effortlessly register golfers and manage accounts - all in one place
  • Training, education and tutorials all available
Select Pi Mobile App
Select Pi includes an online app for payment processing, customer self registration, pushing promotional offerings to customers, all designed to lower your costs and drive increased customer engagement.
The Select Pi app is used by golfers to register, add value to member accounts and dispense golf balls in a contactless manner.
Our innovative platform takes the stress away from your staff and gives power to the golfers!
  • Free up cashiers to focus on sales
  • The free app can track a golfers account balances across multiple practice facilities.
  • Golfers with existing range cards/keys can get their balance synched automatically when registering with the same email address on file at the pro shop.
  • The Select Pi app is a simple and easy to use tool that golfers will love to use.
Select Entry: Turnstiles

Perfect for Family Fun Centers, Amusement/Water Parks, and Sports Stadiums!

  • Control and monitor entry to your facility using Turnstiles.
  • All devices connected to a single local database for ease of use
  • Connected to Point-of-Sale ticketing system for ticket sales.
  • Entry gate ticket registers
Select Pi: Cloud POS Integration
  • Allows single use PIN/QR integration with the leading Point-of-Sale companies.
  • Warmup bucket QR codes can be printed directly by the POS receipt.
Select Pi: Dispenser

Select PI is a real-time ball dispenser control system that makes getting golf balls easier, while increasing revenue and cash control.

Select Pi offers the customer more choices in bucket sizes and payment methods.
  • Payment Flexibility
  • Unattended transactions
  • Never need to purchase keys/cards
  • Eliminate tokens
  • Free up cashier to focus on sales